Emerald Bay is used over and over again

Novelis is the world’s leading recycler of aluminium, recycling around 42 billion used beverage cans globally every year.

In the UK, Novelis Recycling has been driving the development of the infrastructure for aluminium beverage can recycling since 1990. The company purchases UK-sourced aluminium beverage cans for recycling. Its Warrington site produces ingots for the beverage can manufacturing industry and has the capacity to recycle over 200,000 tonnes of used beverage cans (UBCs) per annum – more than every aluminium beverage can sold in the UK. The UK beverage can market is approximately 140,000 tonnes per year – equivalent to over seven billion cans.

To help the in-house team at Novelis Recycling address the constant need to assess and carry out maintenance requirements, the company has been working with Emerald Bay for the past 2 years.

Tony Lowe, chief engineer at Novelis recycling explains: “We have chosen Emerald Bay to undertake maintenance works on site due to their reliability and flexibility of their service. They will undertake smaller jobs such as plumbing callouts, as well as undertaking larger groundwork and engineering projects. They are also local which means that they can get their operatives on site at short notice.”

It is also essential that works are scheduled in line with plant shut-downs, and Emerald Bay works closely with the team at Novelis Recycling to ensure that tight deadlines are adhered to.

Tony continues: “Emerald Bay helps us to ensure that our site is maintained to the highest standard and that programmed works are completed on time.”

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