Liverpool ONE

Emerald Bay Has Quality in Store for Liverpool ONE

Occupying a 42-acre site in the heart of Liverpool city centre, Liverpool ONE is the largest single city centre development in mainland Europe since the post World War II reconstruction. The scheme is a shopper’s paradise, offering 160 retail units and 1.65 million ft2 of retail and leisure space, but it also offers much more, with five acres of park land, 3,000 parking spaces, two hotels, a 14-screen cinema and residential accommodation. It has ensured that Liverpool sits firmly within the UK’s top five retail destinations since it opened in 2008 and has been a major factor in boosting the city’s economy.

Thanks to the excitement surrounding Liverpool ONE, retailers are keen to be part of the development’s success story, which lead to a project to convert an existing retail unit on Wall Street into two new retail kiosks. Emerald Bay was invited to tender for the project, which also involved remodelling and retention of the existing fire escape and fire-fighting staircase. The scheme had to be carried out within a short time frame during the busiest retail period of the year without disruption to other retailers, businesses or visitors to Liverpool ONE.

Dominic Jude, Managing Director of Emerald Bay explains: “The kiosks had to be open by Christmas time and the programme was just 10 weeks. Added to the tight timescales was the challenge of carrying out the work during such a busy period for other retailers, in an area of the complex that was very visible to the general public and in some of the worst winter conditions that the city had seen in a generation. With such complexities to factor in, it was our meticulous planning and project management experience that ensured we delivered the project on time and on budget.

Emerald Bay had to operate within Liverpool ONE’s Retailer Restraint Framework , which aims to ensure that any contractors working on site do not impact on normal retail operations or the end user experience. To address this, our team ensured that a dialogue was maintained between the site team and all stakeholders to prevent the works from impacting on business-as-usual trading within Liverpool ONE. The schedule was carefully managed to ensure that any construction noise took place outside of normal retail hours and delivery of construction materials and site access were also scrupulously planned to ensure that there was no disruption to retailers or their customers.

Dominic adds: “In a prestige, aspirational environment like Liverpool ONE disruption is unacceptable so we had to demonstrate high levels of professionalism and expertise from the outset. Our innovative approach to planning, scheduling and communicating with both delivery partners and stakeholders ensured that we were able to achieve all the project milestones and we’re proud to have contributed to this world-class regeneration scheme.”

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