Following the success of residential investment portfolio ‘Full Moon 2020 Ltd’ Emerald Bay are seeking interested parties for their latest five year investment opportunity.  ‘Full Moon 2022 Ltd’

Investors do not require prior knowledge of property development.


To register your interest or find further information please contact us and we will contact you.



Here's what some of our previous investors had to say about the process and the rewards from their initial investment.


Richard Share - Global Projects Director and Full Moon 2020 investor

"I am an overseas property professional and work full time. I do not therefore have time to find and negotiate UK property acquisitions, meet with architects, engage with builders and find suitable tenants.

I knew from the company’s proven track record it would enable me to remain active in the market while not overburdening me with the day-to-day work"


Basil Geoghegan - Full Moon 2020 investor

"I have been delighted with the diligent, transparent and professional way in which Full Moon 2020 has been managed, achieving the forecasted returns on which my investment was based.

I would have no hesitation recommending Full Moon to other like-minded investors".



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